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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Joe Attacks NYT For Endorsing Lamont

Today's NYT endorsement is really getting under Lieberman's skin (not that that's very difficult to do). Earlier this morning, Joe petulantly accused the Times editorial board of not understanding his position on Iraq:

"I don't believe that they've ever really understood my position on Iraq," he said after he attended a church service Sunday. "I mean, this is all about Iraq. They're not giving me credit for anything else I've done, including a lot of stuff that they've complimented me on over the years, on the environment, other things, global warming."

But Joe's campaign just said he'd vote to authorize the war again today:

On Iraq, Lieberman now tries to steer the debate away from the wisdom of the original decision to invade, a vote that Gerstein said Lieberman does not regret and would cast again.

What's so hard to understand here?
Joe just doens't like being embarrassed in front of a national audience. Most of the other fawning mainstream press has given Lieberman press releases and polling data which suggests the race is a foregone conclusion, and already gone on to writing condescending pieces on why Ned never had a chance, and so on. To their credit, the NY Times disregards all that and endorses Lamont anyway as the better candidate. Joe repeats his mantra "that it's all about Iraq" [a blatant lie] and they ignore him. It's much, much more than that, Senator.
Actually Senator it's about Iraq and George Bush. We hate him and you don't. So they hate you and LOVE me.
Theres something psychological and weird going on with politicians like Lieberman, Bush, Cheney, etc. who don't think they should be held accountable for this disaster in Iraq. Lieberman was pushing for invading Iraq all through the 90's and he got what he wanted. We can't even imagine how awful life must be for the Iraqis and these terrible politicians of ours pat themselves on the back that they did something wonderful for the Iraqis! It makes you hope there is a God and that He is just.
actually, what we cant imagine is how awful it was before. We know perfectly well how bad the media wants us to think it is now.
@energybanalist -- so, did the media create the fact that 100 American soldiers have died thus far this month? That sounds pretty awful to me.

I'm sure if you asked Iraquis, they'd tell you it is pretty awful now with the mass killings, lack of basic services, failure to get the pipelines fully functional, a government that is impotent, sectarian violence.

@Neddy -- I have absolutely no idea what your post means -- but none of them have meant anything in particular.
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