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Wednesday, October 18, 2006



Ned and Annie and supporters after debate

More photos from the day at the campaign Flickr page.
It's time for Ned to take the gloves off and start hitting Joe hard. Time to start showing ads with Joe laughing about Bush looking for the WMD's, Joe scolding Dems for questioning the president. Focus on all the lies he's told since the campaign. They're so much material available, just on utube alone. Knock him out of the race now.
When and where is this debate going to be televised-?

Is C-SPAN going to televise this debate-?

Please can someone at least get this debate put out on the Web someplace ( YouTube-? CrooksAndLiars?, etc.)

@derek -- debate on CBS at 7pm, also on NPR and C-SPAN at same time.
C-Span schedule is showing Rhode Island debate coverage at 7PM and no Lamont-CT coverage -??-

Am I missing something-?
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