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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Saturday Morning Round-Up

Somebody should ask Lieberman why Susan Collins has a perfect voting record (missed zero votes) in the Senate. Why doesn't she just go to the 'important' votes like Sen. Lieberman?
More on the David Lightman article...

Lieberman campaign donors Don Nickles and Sam Beard were key players in the Social Security privatization debate. They co-chaired CoMPASS, a social security astroturf group focused on privatization.

That explains more than Joe probably wants explained.
Lieberman and Susan Collins were working hard at the world's oldest profession (so to speak, otherwise its a ghastly thought).

Reminds me of Bush in the '04 debates talking about what "hard work" he and the rest of his administration were doing. They worked hard to make this mess in Iraq, Lieberman included; he was at it for years, pushing to get us stuck in Iraq with no way out. That was something I remember from Jim Webb's debate with George Allen: that he told Allen before the war that the reason there was no exit strategy was that the people who wanted to go into Iraq had no intention of leaving.

Like Bush & Co., Joe Lieberman has never been honest about why he wanted to invade Iraq. Why? Woodward says that reporters need to ask Bush very specific questions and the same is true of Lieberman. It would be a great service to the nation the next time some reporter gets to interview Lieberman on TV or radio or for some kind of sit-down to keep at it, nailing him down every step, and at every step presenting him with the stakes that were always involved because nothing thats happened should have been a surprise.
Joe Lieberman Insists On The Best Polls Money Can Buy

Nothing less will do, not for Joe Lieberman.
Mr. Lieberman's behavior in the Democratic primary race was unacceptable and out of line! I don't care how dirty campaigns gets when the chips fall you have to stand up to hold your head high and declare. Mr. Lieberman did neither. After Mr. Lamont won the election Mr. Lieberman ran out and signed up for round two under another party. He may as well sign up as a Republican candidate. That's where his primary support is coming from everyone knows it. The polls show it! Mr. Lieberman is definitely wrong on his war position and his rhetoric about how he wants to bring the party closer to the center. He is not demonstrated through his actions that he wants that all. He wants to cater to the Bush administration anyway he can. For who? Certainly not his X-base. If Mr. Lieberman was a supporter of party unity which I may point out is what has been lacking by many so-called Democrats in the party, the country would be a far better shape today but now we've ended up with preemptive war, Samuel Alito, torture, John Roberts, wiretapping, skyrocketing health care costs, horrendous job losses across the country, crumbling education, virtually no increase border security, thousands and thousands dead, 5 million more poor and hungry in the United States, a national debt close to $9 trillion, a budget deficit that would make Jack Abermoff blush I could go on and on. If you look at Mr. Lieberman's record you'll find that he has missed more votes than most in the Senate. Mr. Lieberman has stated in the past eight teen years I will not seek any more. I wish he wouldn’t. The Democratic Party or its base does, not support this stay the course mentality, the wrong damn course! Obviously Mr. Lieberman has sold himself out long ago. Washington insiders like Joe Lieberman are not what this country needs! The country needs a political transfusion the incumbents have obviously not done their job. We are asked if were better off today than we were six years ago. The answer is obvious to me. I just wish more of the voters in Connecticut would figure it out. If you stay with Lieberman you get more of the same Time to vote change we need Democratic Representatives who will not betray the party or the country and be able to handle a simple debate far better than Mr. Lieberman has the past week. Not only would it be shameless to give Mr. Lieberman another term of do-nothing politics and pander to this pathetic administration but also it would be a crime against the American public who Mr. Lieberman has warned to speak for and failed miserably.
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