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Friday, October 20, 2006


Joe Goes After MoveOn

From Joe's latest campaign email, in which a $15-million candidate (with a $380,000 slush fund) claims poverty:

If we don't have the resources to counter Ned's last minute blitz of attacks and distortions, he could quite easily drive up our negatives and eat into our support.

Ned will also be pouring huge amounts of money to run an extensive get out the vote operation, which will be aided by Moveon.org and other interest groups, and his voters are clearly energized.

Update: Just like with every individual or group who dared to support another candidate, it turns out Joe asked for MoveOn's support before he decided to participate in demonizing them (h/t drowsy):

Dear MoveOn.org Members,

I’m running for President to make America stronger at home, stronger abroad, and to put America back on the great march of social progress from which George W. Bush has led us astray....

You can learn more about my plans at www.joe2004.com. If you agree with me that America needs new leadership to move us forward, I’d ask you to take action today:

1. Cast your vote for me in the MoveOn Primary
2. Sign up with my campaign
3. Email 3 of your friends that you’re supporting me

I know that I can defeat George W. Bush. Why? Because Al Gore and I already did it in 2000. With your support and active involvement in my campaign, I’ll do it again.

Best regards,

Joe Lieberman
June 17, 2003

Why on earth would Joe be whining about money since his repub friends are funding him? And worry about the energized Lamont campaign since his trollers have been bragging about the Q poll? One wonders.

Speaking of trollers, there's a problem at Ned's site and I'd hate to see regulars leave because of annoying lightbulbs. I think it should be left open and folks can scroll past the trolls, but it would be a shame to loose folks who are dedicated. Thanks.
"Ned will also be pouring huge amounts of money to run an extensive get out the vote operation, which will be aided by Moveon.org"

I am doing my best to let Jewish, Black, and Catholic voters know all about the vicious hate speech that MoveOn.org welcomed at its Action Forum, along with Lamont's willful association with a known racist and anti-Semite (Al Sharpton). Lamont will get what he deserves on November 7 for knowingly and willfully accepting support from racists, anti-Catholics, and anti-Semites.

I have posted numerous examples at my blog here: http://moveonpleasemoveon.blogspot.com/. As an example, MoveOn's people use the actions of a few rogue priests to proclaim, "The Catholics are raping your children" and the other Action Forum participants voted to agree. The fact that Lamont accepts these people's support says more about his personal ethics and character than "Jew Lieberman" (to use MoveOn's terminology) could ever say about him.

I'm nominally Jewish (although not observant) and I don't like anti-Semitic rats who talk the way real Nazis did in the 1930s. I don't like racists who call our Black soldiers potential mutineers who should be disarmed and segregated. I don't like bigots who sling hate at Catholics the way Thomas Nast did in the 19th century, and I will do all I can (legally and nonviolently) to bring MoveOn.org down for this. If Lamont stands with these people, he can fall with them on Election Day.
@winged hussar: My goodness. Are you also mad at Lieberman for courting Al Sharpton? Are you mad at Lieberman for accepting money from Mel Sembler, the notorious child abuser? Are mad at Lieberman for accepting money from Republicans who are laughing up their sleeves at Christian evangelicals?

Could you please give some links to MoveOn.org regarding your allegations? Thanks.
Joe used MoveOn, just like he used Sharpton

winged hussar -- Yikes -- just looked at your website. Now that explains a lot. Also, might want to run to check spelling with a dictionary rather than spell checker. Thanks.
Hey, drowsy -- thanks for being so diligent. I love it when the trolls get hoisted on their own petards.
Charles -- thanks for the update. And again, thanks to drowsy.

Winged Hussar is posting the same crap under the name Bill Levinson on Ned's site. The petty cash must be flying today.
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