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Friday, October 06, 2006


Heading Up to Storrs

Light posting for the rest of the day, going to see Gen. Clark and Ned. Hope the sun comes out.

In the meantime, first nominee for Quote of the Day... Sen. Lieberman apologizes (for the first time?) for being an absentee senator:

While Lamont made an issue of Lieberman's Iraq stance during the primary campaign, several city residents said they were more upset with Lieberman taking time away from his duties in the Senate to seek the vice presidency in 2000 and the presidency in 2004. Lieberman said he understands the voters' frustration.

"I missed a number of votes (in the Senate), and I regret it," Lieberman said. "The staff continued to work (on constituent issues and legislation). I wasn't gone all the time."

Lieberman said it was a difficult time serving and campaigning at the same time.

"I've gotten the presidential bug entirely out of my system," Lieberman said. "I'll never do that again."

Who would believe him? If he's lucky and wins this year and "maverick" John McCain offers him a place on a "bipartisan" ticket, Lieberman will take it because he'll have the back-up plan of still having 4 years to go on his Senate term.
Let's see, Sherry Brown condemns Ned for waiting "three" days to comment on the Foley Scandal in response to the outrageous support of Hastart by Lieberman. And Joe waits how many weeks to address the no show issue? He has the presidential bug out of his system because he'd be tarred and feathered if he ever thought about it again. 6 years of incompetent and destructive republicans is enough, thank you very much.

Hope it is a good turnout in Storrs. Good luck and please get some good coverage.
Would love to get feedback from folks up at the UConn rally today! Thanks for any info.
Just got back from The Rally. This is the third time I've seen Ned speak, but first in front of a huge crowd. When he took the stage to chants of "We want Ned!" he paused, looked around and seemed genuinely honored with the heartfelt ovation.

He mainly spoke about the war (I'm assuming because General Clark was his guest) and sounded much more confident and sure of himself.

Lots of jokes about the scattered "Vote Joe" signs alluding to Joe Courtney.
@Pucemole -- Hey, thanks for taking the time to report. Really wish I could have been there. Hope there wasn't any trouble from the Lieberman supporters.
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@gchaucer2 -- From where I was, the Lieberkidz were mostly silent - though one with a sign booed every time Clinton's name was mentioned and again when Gen. Clark said there are more terrorists now than on 9/11. Weird.
This was my first Lamont event and I have to say it was impressive. The crowd was big, definitely into the hundreds, and Ned sounded great. Wes Clark was the perfect guest. As always the guy knows his stuff and it made it hard for the Joe supporters to speak up without sounding foolish.

Overall... great music, great speakers, and a free t-shirt. Can't beat that.
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