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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Newt Says What Joe Thinks

"Democratic sex scandals have been far worse."

- Newt Gingrich on FoleyGate
Abuse Experts See E-Mails as Red Flag
They say congressional leaders should have acted on Foley's 'over- friendly' contacts with pages, which suggest predatory behavior.

"Taken as a whole, [the e-mails] show an adult man of prominent position evidencing a peculiarly personal interest in a boy about whom he knows very little. Taken together, they suggest someone who is trying to establish a personal relationship that ought to at least raise some questions,"
But, but, this scandal benefits Democrats!

Therefore, it's obviously political in nature! And therefore it's not a real scandal! And besides, we're going to police ourselves from now on, we promise! [/repugapologists]
Well, maybe the republicans should do what the democrats did with Bill Clinton, Gerry Studds and Barnie Franks. Surely that would be enough right?
Bye bye Jodi, Joey, Robbie, Chrisy and Nancy...

61% Believe Republican Leaders Have Been Protecting Foley

The data supports speculation that this issue could have a devastating impact on Republican prospects at the polls this fall. Even among Republicans, 31% believe the GOP leadership has been protecting Foley.

Perhaps more significant politically, 69% of those not affiliated with either major party believe that leadership has been protecting Foley. Only 9% of unaffiliated the GOP leaders just learned of the problem last week.

And this is with Faux News and the AP trying to sell Foley as (D - Florida).
energybanalist: How on earth do you have time to simultaneously record all the talking points from Faux News AND troll this site? Well, at least Cable TV saves you from thinking for yourself.
One could say the same to you AH, but then we know that KOS does all your thinking for you ASSHOLE
Uh, oh, someone is getting testy and resorting to high school name calling. Hmmmm, methinks energybanalist will just become banalist because he's expending too much energy. And yes, I peruse Kos and Redstate and CNN and Faux but I'm afraid all of my thoughts are my own, sorry to disappoint.
AH, you havent had an original thought since rocks were young.
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