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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Kennedy Democrats

Front page of the Courant this morning:


If Lieberman believes that the invasion of Iraq was in keeping with the muscular foreign policy of Truman and JFK, Kennedy said, “He doesn’t have it right.”...

“President Kennedy would have been very careful with the facts. He would have been very careful not to sign on for distortions, misrepresentations and manipulation of intelligence,” Kennedy said. “That wasn’t the Cuban missile crisis. So Joe Lieberman is wrong on this, as he is on the war in Iraq.”

Now there's a paragon of virtue to be seen with!!!!
18 years of experience:

"Apple fritters are good."
@m palmer:

Maybe that explains it all -- 18 years of apple fritters -- can't be good for you.

@ energybanalist: As opposed to schlock-jock Imus, Glen Beck?
I'm not sure, but neither of those guys ever killed anyone. But I could be wrong
Ahhh, the old Chappaquidick ploy. Hey, I don't like Teddy for more reasons than that.

That one's a loser argument for me, sorry energybanalist.
Shorter Joe Lieberman:

Apple fritters: Good

Anything else: a pickled peck of partisan polarization
yeah AH, there are a lot of reasons to hate the guy, but C (as in Chappaquidick) comes before D(as in drunk) and H (hypocrite).
I have looked at this photo several times now and I am becoming convinced that the gestalt image of Ned singing here is not good. He looks like he wants to be Jimmie Stewart singing in "Its A Wonderful Life". Not good. I debated about making this superficial point but it gives me discomfort the way Dukakis in a tank did. Such a shame because this should have been a shining moment for Lamont.

PS. Where the hell are the Democrat heavy weights? The lack of a stream of stars through CT suggests that Joe is not really that bad for most of them. It also suggests that they are ceding the defining of the issues map to No Show Joe.
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