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Monday, October 09, 2006


Rell Won't Endorse Schlesinger in Debate

The New Haven Indy has a nice roundup of the gubernatorial debate, which sounds like it was a TKO for DeStefano. He had a great response to Rell's non-answer on the Senatorial question:

"I think all of the candidates that are running for United States Senate have special expertise in their own way," said Rell. Noting her reply wasn't flying with Davis, she said, "I'm trying to answer your question, Mark, I will tell you honestly, they all bring something different to the table, and each one of them is, um, I think representative of their constituencies at every step of the way."

"The question is which one is best for the next six years?" Davis pressed.

Rell dodged again. "I think everyone in this audience would have a different opinion on which one is best for the next six years," said Rell.

DeStefano (pictured) couldn't resist the chance to attack: "I pray that I'll never be in politics so long that I'll give an answer like that."

That's because Governor Rell knows that Joe Lieberman is the only candidate in the race who won't just sit idly and wait for us to be attacked by islamo-fascist north koreans.
Beautiful fault line waiting to be exploited.

Want to depress Republican turnout? Remind them how little loyalty there is among Connecticut Republicans.

Remind Johnson's supporters that while she's not willing to endorse Schlesinger, she's willing to endorse Hastert and all the child predators in DC.
Glad to have it further confirmed that Joe is supported by lobbyists.

Confirmation to me that debates do make a difference. I wasn't going to vote for governor -- wasn't really sold on DeStefano until last night. First, his response to Gov. Rell's convoluted lack of support for a senatorial candidate and second, most importantly, his admission of a mistake -- and a big one. Gov. Rell, like George Bush, can't think of any mistakes.
Schlesinger is a jerk that was just a place holder. When the looney left hijacked the democrat party and JL decided to run as an independent, it is only natural that the republicans choose between the lesser of 2 evils. So the moderate democrat gets the republican votes as opposed to the republican getting the votes, but not enough to win. Easy really.

We can all read about Geo. Bush's mistakes in his memoirs. As for Destefano, he should make a commercial where he films downtown new haven. The guys a moron. The city, home to one of the world's greatest universities, cannot attract anything better than check cashing services and boarded up buildings.
But then again, he's a genius compare to Richard Lee and they named a highway after him. So sad it's funny
Hey, energybanalist, when you run for mayor of a large city, let us all know how things are doing. Of course, you'll have to come out of the basement.
AH, my 5 year old grand son would do a better job the the crop of democrats that have run New Haven over the last forever.
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