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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Update: Lieberman Still Refusing to Release Slush Fund Records

A full day after the Lieberman campaign promised reporters it would disclose the legally-required record of how it spent almost $400,000 in cash, they still refuse to do so. Empire Zone:

The Lieberman campaign is steadfastly refusing to allow reporters to inspect documents related to a $387,000 disbursement of petty cash before the primary election. By law, the campaign is required to keep a petty cash journal.

According to the Federal Elections Commission, a campaign can make payments of under $100 through “petty cash” as the campaign said it did with “volunteers” in the field during the days leading up to the primary, paying them between $50 and $100 a day.

Quite frankly, I'm happy they refuse to release the journal since it only will confirm in voters minds that something is amiss. I can't bear to read EmpireZone -- I'd be surprised if they raised the issue that Tammy Sun had said she would produce it yesterday. It will be difficult for them to produce it in a few days after they've fabricated entries.
In Connecticut, with the Governor having gone to prison (he was a 3 termer too, wasn't he?), theres a special obligation.

Of course, Lieberman won't feel that special obligation. He had a special obligation to the Democratic Party, having been the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate and he didn't care about that, either.
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