Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Debate Round-Up

There's a lot of non-debate stuff in the news today too... more soon.

Lamont needs to capitalize on the "son of a bitch" line. He should work that into his stump speech, "Some people have called me a 'sonofobitch' for telling the truth..."

Kudos for your security work, too. If this blog/web stuff doesn't work out, you've got a future as a bouncer.
Well if all such a career would involve is kicking out docile scrawny idiot kids from political debates, I guess I could consider it... ;)
I thought Ned was great. And I agree with orangetownbluedem -- the "son of a bitch" comment was over the top. And, sorry, I don't have any sympathy for a whiney man with a cold. Try being really sick with no congressional medical benefits.
Here's the video of WFSB TV reporting that the hecklers were Lamont supporters. It also contains WTIC AM's false story, which is still on their Web site. Please contact the stations to politely request an on-air apology and retraction.
@mikect -- I've called -- now will email since the response I received on the phone gave me the impression that my complaint was going nowhere -- except maybe to the Lieberman campaign. Thanks.
Great video Mike. They sure sounded like my supporters, but the lights were in my eyes. Of course my supporters are much more polite. They'd never stoop to name calling and garbage picking to gain advantage. We're all about the ideas. What is it we believe in again. Oh right. George Bush SUCKS. Dick Cheney SUCKS. Don Rumsfeld SUCKS. Al Gore is the real president. I'm glad that got cleared up.
neddy, I'm sure you are probably one of those kids who grew up getting a trophy for being able to pick your nose with only one finger. And perhaps you are even now in a big person's school where grade inflation props up your self esteem. Here, you are pitiful and really not very funny to boot. But hey, $100 a day is a $100 bucks a day.
Hey you're right I did get the Chaucer award. What was the shiny stuff under the base? By the way dude, I went to Harvard and Yale (best daddy's money could buy) and now I sometimes show up at the office in Greenwich. I'm gonna be a Sinator ya know!!
Here's a thought experiment:

If Lamont came out as strong against illegal immigration as Schlessinger, what would he gain and what would he lose?
Neddy - thanks for the laugh, "dude." I don't believe Chaucer can be found on Gameboy. I went to Harvard and Yale also, anyone can, just walk right onto campus.

I doubt if you go anywhere but the video store when you leave your mommy's basement. Get back to your Blankenbrain script and find a new one, your comments are predictable and lame.
Good idea lonewacko. Maybe I should be in against abortion, for strong anti-terror law (what the self appointed genius Chaucer might call torture laws), for original intent with respect to judge selection, and for the war on terror. Of course then I wouldn't be me, but I'd at least have a chance to win.

One problem though. I have this endorsement. 9 out of 10 terrorists agree that I and my like minded (some might say small minded) democratic colleagues are the better choice for America. I'd hate to put that endorsment in jeopardy. I think I'll stay the course.
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