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Monday, October 23, 2006


FEC Complaint Officially Filed

Read it - and co-sign it - here.

More from the AP:

"This massive slush fund is an affront to democracy and Connecticut," Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan said in a press release Monday. "These questions are critical for the people of Connecticut to know, and that is why these laws exist and why we're taking legal action. Only an 18-year career politician could dump almost $400,000 in cash into an election and try to call it petty cash."

The Lieberman camp denied any wrongdoing.

Lieberman spokeswoman Tammy Sun said Sunday, when the allegations first surfaced, that the cash was paid to field coordinators who then distributed money to workers who were canvassing. The payments to workers, many of them students, ranged from $50 to $100 per day, Sun added.

You've been on top of this the whole time. Thank you.

I've got a post at MLN where I'm asking about the larger problems in the GOTV effort, beyond the issue of a petty cash journal.
Reminds me of the DeLay defense team's definition of "administrative costs."
Charles -- I signed and hit submit. Took me to the email page -- is my signature recorded? Don't want to try twice.

Glad you are on top of this issue and look forward to seeing how it is played tonight.

Holy Joe doesn't need no stinking rules.

He doesn't need to abide by any of those "petty" cash rules, or the conventional rules that sore losers don't get a "do-over."

Shameless Joe.
Schumer should be holding a press conference. Does anyone in their right mind think that if this was Jim Talent or Tom Kean, Jr or George Allen with a $387,000 slush fund that Chuck Schumer wouldn’t be having a press conference TODAY????

Of course he would and Lieberman shouldn’t be any different than any other candidate of another party.
I thought it would be a good idea to spark an investigation. You see, I have no ideas and I am just trying to muddy the waters a enough so I can buy my seat in the senate. Thanks for all your support

Ned Lament
For me the question is, were out of state canvassers illegally collecting signatures for ballot access? This strikes me as the most reasonable explanation as to why Lieberman's reporting was so vague on who they paid the money to.
@ned lament -- hey, are you using the left over slush fund, I mean "muddy waters" for your blog site? Must be nice to think one third of a million dollars is no big deal -- sure sign you are a paid volunteer liebertroll.

@newlondondem -- agree that the signature issue is a big one and may open a huge can of worms -- out of state? undocumented aliens? Tammy Sun?
I gotta believe that the CT Sec of State would have checked the validity of the signature-getters. From what I know her rep is quite good.
Strange that Joe would be passing around $400,000.00 in cash in the days before the primary,l and yet he didn't spend enough to make sure he had enough band-width to keep his Website up an running.
they hardly check anything if there is no challenge to the petition. All the big shot Dems pressed Ned Lamont to go easy on Joe and probably item no. 1 was to tell him not to challenge the signatures.

It is standard operating procedure for political parties to challenge signatures of a brand new independent party. There is a story there, you can bet on it. And now there are big Dems like a guy named Zimmerman on Lou Dobbs saying that there are a lot of Democrats secretly helping Lieberman.

Anyone who has a chance, please call the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and ask them to hold a press conference on this slush fund to support Ned Lamont and pressure the local Connecticut media. (202) 224-2447

They wouldn't let the Star Ledger (New Jersey) endorse a candidate with a $387,000 petty cash slush fund and they shouldn't let the Courant do it, either.
It's funny how everyone who doesn't agree with you is a troll. Perhaps it is you who is the troll chaucer.
Yep, ned lament, I'm a troll over at the free speech noshowjoe site. Your a troll because you have nothing intelligent to say, not that you say anything with which I'd bother to disagree. The one who is buying a seat in the senate is the one who accepts money from the child abuser, Mel Sempler, republicans with nefarious connections and big business buddies. But, go ahead and turn on that lightbulb hat. Clearly there's still enough slush money to pay for you guys.
Hmmm. Joe paid 3780 volunteers?

Not friggin likely, wot?
Someone's paying? Where do I go to get a check--I just do this for kicks.
@ned lament -- you already received your CASH -- there's no check in slush fund. If you do this for fun -- what a sad little life.
Thank you Joan. Your post was informative.
What's your excuse then Chaucer? Knowing I get under the skin of wingnuts like you is payment enough for me.
WNYC radio had some excepts from the debate this morning. Ned sounded cool and in charge.
Actually, I was scared SHITLESS. Alan was really cool and in charge.
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