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Monday, October 23, 2006



Well, it was an exciting night. The pre-debate march was amazing. Inside the hall, Ned won over the crowd during the debate, without a doubt. Laughter erupted two minutes into Lieberman's opening answer when he still hadn't addressed the question at all - about Iraq. He was booed quite roundly a couple of times. Some asshole LaRouchites who happened to be sitting right in front of me stood up and interrupted the event midway through, I physically "escorted" one of them out when security was nowhere to be found (and obviously, security at the place just took the night off, since they appeared again during the closing statements). Schlesinger continued to be forceful, and his performance was the main subject of discussion for many Lieberman supporters leaving the theater. Schlesinger and Lamont paraphanelia were flying off the tables afterwards, Joe stickers stayed put. Ned told the crowd gathered at the packed post-debate event that he and Alan agreed on one bipartisan inititative - that it was time for Joe to go.

Pics and more later.
You are the man. Great action on your part.
Our hero! Perhaps you should consider a new career!
I do think that both Alan Schlesinger and Joe Lieberman came off as full of themselves and Ned Lamont came of as a person of humility.
Charles -- thanks for setting the records straight about the hecklers. I was in a bit of a panic as to who there were. I think more press should be given to the fact that you were the one who escorted one of them out.

Stephanopolous was a disaster of a moderator. I thought the format was too loose -- and I believe Bob Schiefer would have cut Lieberman off when he gave his interminable opening speech, after agreeing not to.

Ned did great and I was very pleased to see him stand up to Lieberman about the lying issue -- from the biggest of liars.
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