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Wednesday, November 08, 2006



I'm not being at all disingenuous in writing that I was happy when I woke up this morning. Sincerely content. Proud.

The results of the election were not what any of us had hoped for. But the results of this campaign far exceeded the hopes almost everyone had going in. And it changed the country.

We defeated a three-term incumbent in a primary with a grassroots-fueled online and offline effort. We emboldened Democrats across the country to speak clearly about Iraq, and provided the summer spark that lit last night's autumn wildfire.

And most importantly, we inspired thousands of people who would have normally stayed on the sidelines to get involved in politics. This is already being reflected in the makeup of town committees. And does anyone doubt that in the coming years it will be reflected in the state legislature, and even higher offices?

There is also a lot of disillusionment. Especially with the way - after voters issued such clear verdict in August - the national and local party alike decided personal friendships, gargantuan egos, and placating the most powerful of interests trumped our apparently quaint and outdated notion of "democracy" within the party system.

The establishment - of both parties - was forced to fight tooth and nail to defend power for power's sake. It wasn't pretty. What we saw last night was how immovable real entrenched power centers are in this country. And, also, how a Democratic majority alone - in one or both houses - won't solve these problems.

So yes, we lost the election. But even before first vote was counted, we had already won a whole lot more than that.

And all because one guy stood up when no one else would, and so many stood up to join him.
From the starting line of Janurary, it was 0 to 59.99 in 10 months.

In Janurary there was nothing on the horizon. By April Ned found us, we found Ned.

Bottom line, this morning, Joe Lieberman is damaged goods. His "bi-partisan" schtik cover is blown, his redness is exposed and that small percentage of voters who weren't paying close enough attention are going to start noticing...

I'm jazzed.

Amann, Dodd, the DSCC,

They're on our radar

and we're tracking...

And we know how much work it's going to take.
Ned ran a courageous, historic campaign. He gave us the courage to see that it could be done. I hope he can find a place in our politics in the future, perhaps when Joe bows to the inevitable fact that he is finished, over.
Bush won his last election, too. Sorry we're going to be stuck with Liarman for another six (barring that ambassadorship), but I don't regret the money I threw at Ned (a little embarrassed it was so little). I don't know why we're stuck with Schwarzenegger here in California. I mean, talk about a landslide! My partner says anybody who votes for Schwarzie should have his franchise revoked. So, amidst the joys, there are sorrows. Still, I managed not to keep myself awake worrying about the bad. Good for me! (Good for you!)
Let me see now. Joe ran his campaign. He was within a whisker's hair of majority(not a plurality). He soundly thumped a guy who had little appeal outside the left wingnuts (40% is less than 6% more than the registered democrats) of the democrats. And Joe is the damaged goods. Good thinking ace, dont quit your day job.
Lieberman's general election campaign was a fit of spite. By the time he'd lost the primary, he'd already racked up campaign finance misdeeds that will neuter him.

Don't even pretend that the FEC will decide not to investigate $387,000 taken out of the campaign in petty cash when no other federal campaign in the country took $2,000! Its a given that they'll investigate and we already know from the NH Register report that Lieberman won't have what he needs to back up those disbursements.
Ah yes the paper of record, the NH Register. Two steps down from McPaper.
Joan, think about it. Elections arent won by guys who sit on the left or the right, they are won by guys that appeal to the most voters. The spiteful thing was running Lamont and you cut off your nose to spite your face.
Or maybe it's the My Pet Goat voters...

They think if they just keep reading the made up story, they won't have to deal with reality. It will all go away. Someone else will clean up the mess. Just keep reading, keep reading,

keep reading...
The Clintons investment in Whitewater was only $25,000 and that investigation dogged them through all 8 years. It was an investment from the late 70's that had gone through the Arkansas press.

You're dreaming if you think the FEC could allow Lieberman to create a $387,000 loophole even if they wanted to.
Serves you right for putting up Lamont in the first place.

Thanks to Lamont and his friends at MoveOn.org (known for serving as a platform for hate speech against Jews, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, and Blacks), and his racist and anti-Semitic friend Al "white interlopers" Sharpton, your formerly Democratic Senate seat is now Independent.

Furthermore, Jim Gerlach in Pennsylvania used the MoveOn scandal against Lois Murphy in the 6th Congressional District. This may have cost Murphy, who lost by only a couple of thousand votes, the election. I recall providing Gerlach with the information about MoveOn and I'm glad he got some use out of it.
dude, are you coming to my class monday?
Tparty -- what a lovely note -- after disillusionment of the outcome -- much like Nixon winning over Humphrey in 1968, I thought about Ned's courageous campaign. He reignited my interest in politics and belief that a decent person could actually run for office. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude and so do a majority of folks in this country who didn't have a national voice.

I can't bother responding to the trolls here because, as always, they like to hear the sound of their fingers typing -- and offer nothing but nonsense.
Cue the violins. Of course you're right AH, because no one offers anything unless they are in lockstep with what you believe. they are trolls, banal, or whatever other kind references your very little mind dreams up. Get a grip.
actually, energybanalist, you have no clue as to what I believe. I have friends, whom I respect, who are Republicans. It is just that they know how to discuss issues intelligently rather than making things up off the top of a lightbulb hat. Too bad you can't comment on Joe's blog with your banality -- they like that over there.

Again, thanks, Charles -- I will miss this site. I won't, however, forget the message that Ned Lamont offered -- hope is a powerful thing.
you are right, I have no idea what you believe, but I believe your behavior qualifies you as an A #1 ASSHOLE!!!
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