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Monday, November 06, 2006


Calm Before the Storm

I started this blog back in February when I heard a guy named Ned Lamont was considering challenging Joe Lieberman in a Senate primary. After hearing him speak and reading his positions, I had no doubt he could win, but, just like anyone else, I had quite a few doubts that he actually would. But as I wrote almost nine months ago now, this challenge was always going to be as much about the journey as it was about the destination:

Opportunities such as this, both to change the party and to change the national conversation, do not arise often in politics. I hope to explain in detail in later posts why I believe Ned Lamont's candidacy presents just such a golden opportunity: why he should run, why he can win, and why the race itself will - win or lose - be a greatly positive exercise for both Connecticut and the nation.

No one would say that the race itself hasn't had a dramatic effect on the national discussion. This midterm election has become a referendum on Iraq. Senate candidates in places like Missouri are now using language that Ned was considered "out there" for using last winter and early spring.

I'm sitting here at HQ in Meriden, where things seem to have quieted down for the night. Tomorrow will come the storm: boots on the ground, lawn signs and literature in hand, umbrellas overhead if necessary, contacting our voters, reminding people to vote the entire Democratic line.

And again, I'm reminded of how opportunities such as this do not arise often.

Tomorrow is the opportunity we've been waiting for.

Let's do it.
Go Ned! Go Dems!
Charles - thanks so much for keeping me informed for months. Happy to report that I went early to the polls with seven neighbors, four of whom voted for the first time. Each had their Lamont pins on, which I told them would have to come off once we entered the school. They seemed disappointed because they wanted everyone to know for whom they are voting.

I didn't sign up to volunteer -- have a trial tomorrow. However, I did stand around to watch the activity -- calm and nice folks from local races from both parties. No Lieberthugs to report.

I'm looking forward to an upset!
nice post and thanks for sharing....

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