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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Polls and the Polling Pollsters

A new Zogby/Reuters poll shows Ned cutting the gap in half since their last poll a couple of weeks ago. It pegs the CT-SEN race as being closer than NJ-SEN (where Menendez has opened up a 12-point lead) and RI-SEN (where Whitehouse has opened up a 14-point lead), and just as close as TN-SEN (where they have Ford 10 points behind Corker).

Again, this is a volitile race. Between the ballot positioning, a major party candidate polling in the single digits, the likelihood of a motivated Democratic turnout, the night-and-day difference between field operations, the vast discrepancy between polls, significant uncertainty about turnout models, and the demonstrated inaccuracy of polls before the primary, a lot is up in the air.

And the debate between the two major parties tonight (Fox 61, 7pm) might make shake things up even more.
Just change the name from Tom Kean to Joe Lieberman and a few of the particulars and run this ad:


the DSCC should be running it for Ned and its a scandal that they're not but it would make a good ad. George Bush would rather have Joe Lieberman elected than Tom Kean.
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