Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Monday, February 27, 2006


Ned on PoliticsTV

Ned Lamont on PoliticsTV

PoliticsTV will officially launch next week, but they've already conducted an interview with Ned Lamont for their "Candidate Channel" which will feature video interviews of various candidates running for office nationwide. For someone like me who would scour the C-SPAN archives looking for video of potential candidates I've heard of but never seen speak, this promises to be a great resource. If you want your NedTV, click on the following links for the full QT clips (and thanks to PoliticsTV for the preview):

unlike Fred Sanford's son Lamont, you're no "big dummy"

good luck
Good to hear from a Democrat who sounds like a Democrat should. You'll have my support even though I'm out-of-state.
another pro-Lamont blog is CT Blue.
thanks, Beau, will update to include.
This is good. I'm not even interested in any politicians who won't talk about doing something serious about healthcare. I realize it's tough to run in CT against the insurance companies, but something's gotta happen.

But yes, publicly undercutting our party is the bottom line; Lieberman is a saboteur.
it would be good to have a senator from connecticut whose every utterance didn't sound as though he was straining at stool.
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