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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Joe Lieberman is a "Big Oil Republican"

Here's the content of Lieberman's radio ad via the Courant:

Facing a challenge from the Democratic left, the first commercial of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's re-election campaign casts him as a fighter of "big-oil Republicans."

Lieberman began airing a radio commercial Tuesday addressed to environmentalists, an important voting bloc in a Democratic primary.

Patty Pendergast, an environmentalist, talks in the commercial about Lieberman's opposition to drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

"The Republicans, all they want to do is drill oil and they don't see the ecosystem consequences," Pendergast said. "Joe Lieberman had no problem standing up to the big-oil Republicans. He was the leader on the arctic refuge."

Joe Lieberman voted for George Bush's energy bill, which provided huge tax cuts to the same oil companies now reaping obscene billions in profits on the backs of consumers.

Joe Lieberman's ninth largest campaign contributor this cycle is an energy company that California's attorney general has called "Enron's twin brother" and is being sued for $2 billion for ripping off California's consumers.

Joe Lieberman came out against the Broadwater LNG proposal months after almost every other politician in the region from either party, and convieniently, right after Lamont's challenge began to look like it was for real.

He votes for a damaging Republican energy policy that benefits Big Oil.

He takes over $40,000 and a private flight from a company that makes their profits ripping off energy consumers.

He's wishy-washy on preserving Connecticut's envirnonment when other politicans from both parties aren't.

Joe is the "Big Oil Republican."
Hey guys! Howie Klein from Downwithtyranny has a new article on holy Joe.
Joe Lieberman, a Senator who tried to kill rock n’ roll is up for reelection and someone really great is running against him.
Excellent post. How can Joe think that a premise so easy to refute (that he has a good environmental track record) is an angle that's going to help him? The people who are really passionate about environmental issues are going to know the specifics and be far likelier voters. They're going to know that both The League of Conservation Voters and Citizens for Global Solutions give Joe's environmental voting record a lower score than all the other Congressional Democrats from Connecticut and even Republican Chris Shays.

Yes, if this is the issue that Lieberman thinks is his strength among Democrats, things are looking pretty darn good for Lamont!
And, in other news, things are looking pretty darn good for Lamont.

I actually feel sorry for Sean Smith. Managing Lieberman's campaign must be like trying to cook a gourmet meal in McDonalds' kitchen.
Also do check out Patriotboy's mock ad for Lieberman:
Dear Sen. Lieberman,

You've received a lot of criticism for saying that those who express opposition to Our Leader are harming our nation's security. You're not alone. Nearly every patriot who stands up and calls out The Chosen One's detractors for their seditous speech receives the same kind of treatment.

The reason they scream so loudly when we level such accusations is because they doubt our sincerity. They suspect that we don't really believe what we're saying--that it's all empty rhetoric.

I pray that the recent revelations about the good work our State Security Apparatus is doing will turn the critics into believers. Certainly, the news that the FBI has the Seattle Raging Grannies under surveillance should give them pause. Heck, I bet if you ran ads about how the State Security Apparatus is shutting down the granny threat, you might even silence your own critics.

I put together this storyboard for just such an ad. Please feel free to use it.

Why feel for Sean Smith? Joe has every advantage in the world and is still screwing up enough to turn this into a horse race. I would be very surprised if Smith is around come the August primary, or if he is then in some diminished capacity.
Yeah! I feel the same way about Sean Smith that I do about Gerstein et al. If they were ever decent human beings, they're not any longer. Working for Joe must do that to people. Must be too much mental pretzel acrobatics going on.
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