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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Where's Joe

Just wondering... has anyone seen him at a public forum in Connecticut lately?

Where's Joe?

Update: I think I figured out where Joe will be tonight:

Let me tell you where Joe is!

He's holding tons of out-of-state fundraisers, (Republicans welcome, btw), and he is sneaking around CT.

Joe's idea of a Town Hall meeting:

Invite Party insiders only to a private establishment where he has goons at the door to keep people from asking the "wrong" questions.

Then he pretends that if all the DTC members have been invited, this is the same thing as actually appearing before a DTC. Shame on him, really!
On Colin & Bruce show today on WTIC AM (4-6 pm), they'll have Ned Lamont, Howard Dean, and Alexander Kanevsky.
Oops, that's 3-6 pm.
Hey guys, can someone tape the show or put a transcript up? That would be cool. Need a humpday Lamont fix bigtime. Thanx

Ummm let me guess where Joe is. He's planning a remake of a Broadway musical starring Pfizer CEO, Hannity, Chimpy and maybe some defense industry guys. Joe aims to impress.
Hmm. These closed-door meetings sound familiar to me. Isn't there some other "elected" official who likes to operate that way? I'm trying to think . . .

For all your Ned info, tv video, radio broadcasts, etc.


Q: Does anyone think dear old Joe has a small volunteer army rooting for him? Anyone?
Scarce, thank you for the links.

Q: Does anyone think dear old Joe has a small volunteer army rooting for him? Anyone?
Like some kind of highly paid political operatives in strategic places? Now there's a scary thought. Anything's possible when you're holding the money bags & I don't mean Kathleen Harris' moneybags.
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