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Monday, March 27, 2006


"Foolish and Irresponsible"

Two pieces today on Joe Lieberman's increasingly breathtaking sense of entitlement and elitism.

First, from Matt Stoller at MyDD:

I've been following the Lieberman-Lamont campaign, of course, and one thing is very striking. Lieberman believes that this is his Senate seat. He is angry that Lamont is in the race and being taken seriously. My sense is that he can't even understand why someone is allowed to challenge him, since he's been in the Senate since 1988 without a serious challenge. He believes, sincerely, that he's been fighting for Connecticut and to do the right thing for so long that the state and its people literally owe him the job of Senator.

Second, from the Connecticut Post (via My Left Nutmeg):

Lieberman danced around the question of Iraq - simply saying it is the right thing to do. "This notion that I stop every night on the way home to tuck the president into bed in Washington is just laughable," Lieberman said.

And, countered that it would be "foolish and irresponsible" to replace him, Lieberman, with a neophyte.

"You would be replacing somebody who has worked hard and fought for this state and delivered for this state in a lot of ways in 17 years as the United States senator," he said.

It's "foolish and irresponsible" to continue to mindlessly defend a failed Iraq policy while even Republicans abandon it in droves.

It's "foolish and irresponsible" to defend Republican attempts to privatize social security when every other one of your Democratic colleagues was steadfast in their support of social security.

It's "foolish and irresponsible" to vote to allow Sam Alito to sit on the Supreme Court, and to tell rape victims in Connecticut they can just take "a short ride to get to another hospital" for emergency contraception.

And Joe Lieberman has the audacity to call Connecticut Democrats "foolish and irresponsible" for considering Ned Lamont's candidacy as an alternative?

Foolish and Irresponsible
Lieberman has no accountability whatsoever. In such cases like these, a pink slip is not irresponsible, it is the right thing to do. He claims he "knows best" on security issues, etc. Just look at the mess in Iraq and across the MiddleEast. Obviously he doesn't know best. The only thing he knows best is convincing himself that he knows best. He believes everyone should agree with him, because he thinks he knows best.
On WTIC today, Colin McEnroe said Joe's scolding had moved him from leaning towards Lamont to firmly in Lamont's camp.
That is a trend which will continue. The more Lieberman shows his true colors the worse his campaign will be. Rumors are already swirling.
Scarce, what did you mean by that last line? You piqued my interest.
The what-if's and conspiracy-like theories of Joe going Independent; of Joe getting a cabinet position with Bush; of Joe pulling out all the stops not to lose by calling in favors in Ct and intimidating other Dems; of simple dirty tricks in the campaign so far.

I expected such talk later on, not in March. Most of it is just talk in my opinion, but telling nonetheless.
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