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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Saturday News Round-Up

Your students for lamont link has a typo and doesn't work - you have an extra slash at the end.
Thanks, fixed.
The American Prospect profiles Lamont's challenge (full article only for subscribers) and suggests why the Democratic heirarchy is so eager to keep their resident Republican in place. He has earned their loyalty the old-fashioned way - by buying them off:

With more than three decades in public office, Lieberman’s favor bank overflows with chits he can call in. The most significant of these? His financial hold on the party apparatus. Lieberman provided nearly $1 million to the state party in 2000, the year he ran simultaneously for reelection to the Senate and as Al Gore’s running mate. The senator is up front about the consequences a primary would have on the state party’s treasury: If he must fend off a challenger, money just won’t be available to Connecticut Democrats for their own campaign operations, their May convention, or for tough, targeted House races against Republicans Chris Shays and Rob Simmons. “A credible primary challenge would make that difficult,” Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith says.
To whet your appetite for the campaign website's redesign:

Check out the totally redesigned Students for Lamont website!
Ah, I see you've been taking web design lessons from Ben Domenech.
Where was Lieberman's $$$ in 2004? Jim Sullivan could have used some, but I didn't see Lieberman giving him any or enough to battle Simmons.
"Joe Lieberman will be re-elected by the largest margin in state political history based on the bankrupt issues and goals of the Democratic Party, and rightly so."
Whoever wrote this prophesizing comment might want to keep his/her dayjob. I just don't see a future for that person as a psychic.
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