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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Joe on WFSB: Censure "Unproductive"

Joe on WFSB

Accountability via censure. It's a concept Joe Lieberman supported in 1999, with a Democratic president:

"With that understood, I do believe the Constitution allows for one recourse that would provide a means for us as the people's representatives to register our and their disapproval, and would, I believe, help us to bring appropriate closure to this terrible chapter in our nation's history. It is well within the Senate's constitutional prerogatives to adopt a resolution of censure expressing our contempt for the President's misconduct, both that which is charged in the articles and that which is not. Such a censure would not amount to a punishment, nor would it be intended to do so. What it would do, particularly if it united Senators across party lines and positions on removal, is fulfill our responsibility to our children and our posterity to speak to the common values the President has violated, and make clear what our expectations are for future holders of that highest office."

Lieberman, doubtless feeling the heat from Ned Lamont, admitted today on WFSB that Bush's domestic warrantless wiretapping program was "wrong," and "outside the law." (Video soon).

But for flip-flopping Joe, the concept of accountability via censure - "appropriate" in 1999 - is "unproductive" in 2006:

"My own opinion, and it seems to be shared by most Democratic senators, is that it would be an unproductive use of our time," Lieberman said. "Again, it's looking backward. It would be divisive. The best thing we could do about this program is to bring it under the law and I'd prefer to spend my time and the Senate's time figuring out how we can adopt a law that allows the administration to continue this program but force them to go to court to get a warrant before they do."

In 1999, Joe thought censure would help if it "united Senators across party lines."

In 2006, Joe thinks censure is inherently "divisive."

In 1999, Joe thought it was his responsibility to "speak to the common values the President has violated."

In 2006, Joe thinks it is his responsibility to "bring [the illegal program] under the law."

Will the real Joe Lieberman please stand up?
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