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Saturday, April 22, 2006


California Round-Up

During his jaunt to California this week, Lamont apparently wooed some big-time donors:

Among the gushing spectators was lawyer Spencer Weisbroth, now the business affairs director for Grammy-award winning Kronos Quartet. “It’s very refreshing to hear a Democrat talk like a Democrat,” Weisbroth said. Lamont heads to Los Angeles today in what campaign manager Tom Swan calls a “seed planting” swing. The campaign hopes to raise at least $250,000 in California.

Another report has Ned meeting with Hollywood players:

Last night the brilliant and articulate Norman Lear told a small gathering in his living room that people should consider helping Ned Lamont defeat Bush's favorite Democrat, GOP-enabler Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. Lear pointed out that if Lamont manages to get his message out to Democrats and wins the August 8 primary we would be gaining a Democrat in the Senate.

Lamont was also a guest at a birthday party for Markos of Daily Kos in Los Angeles this week, and he also met with small donors in Oakland and supporters in San Francisco:

But what really impressed me about Lamont was his humility. The folks hosting last night's event -- Rob and Bonnie Johnson, whose kids attend school with Lamont's back in Connecticut, although they are in the process of relocating to the Bay Area -- are old friends of this Democratic firebrand. They know Ned from soccer games and PTA meetings and local politics and Howard Dean meet-ups. They are active socially and politically in their community and can feel -- on the ground level -- that the old party ways of trying to meet in the center are not working, and that voters won't show up to the polls unless we give them something to vote for. Joe Lieberman is not someone to vote for. Ned Lamont is.

Good to see -- and now that Ned's into a new reporting period Joe won't have a clue about Ned's cash situation until shortly before the primary, IIRC. That is, except for what Ned shares publicly.

Make Joe sweat.
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