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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Ned in Danbury Area Monday

CTBlogger has the details. Finish your taxes and head over!

Lamont will also be at SCSU on Monday afternoon, and up in Boston (Brookline and Jamaica Plain, I believe) on Tuesday, trying to win over the Red Sox fan vote, I guess. The official site's calendar is regularly updated with events like these.

Maybe Ned will mention the new poll numbers that find that 54% of Americans think the Bush Administration will make "the wrong decision" on Iran, a decision which could mean $200 a barrel oil, complete chaos in Iraq, a widespread regional war in the middle east, terrorist reprisals against Israel and American troops and citizens... and that's just the first few days.

Will Sen. Lieberman stand up for a sane policy on Iran, or will he once again blindly support the insane zealots inside the White House?
Where is Joe? Last Sunday he tried coming out in public. Is he back to hiding behind closed doors? (Cause his one Q & A session didn't turn out too well for him, thanks to one very smart 17 year old.)
Yes, I second that. Where is Joe? He wants the support of voters who never get to see his face unless it's on a television tuned to Fox news.
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