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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


110 More Connecticut Troops Going to Iraq

More National Guard troops are headed to Iraq:

About 110 more Connecticut troops are being mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. About 70 members of the 143rd Forward Support Battalion of Waterbury and 40 from the Headquarters Detachment of the 192ndEngineer Battalion of Stratford will be mobilized for up to 18 months . It will bring the number of Connecticut National Guard soldiers mobilized and deployed in the Global War on Terror to more than a thousand.

33 American troops have been killed in Iraq in just the last 12 days.

Joe Lieberman thinks Connecticut troops should stay in Iraq for at least three more years. He still believes that "a lot of very good things can happen in [the next] three years in Iraq."

Ned Lamont wants to start bringing our troops home.
More CT troops on their way to Iraq, but none of them will be Joe Lieberman's adult children, eh?

Oh no, not Joe Lieberman's kids; Joe Lieberman considers the war in Iraq to be the most important thing that we must do, that we must "win" with whatever it takes, even if it takes forever to "accomplish the mission" (gee, didn't we already do that?), but oh no, not to be accomplished with Joe Lieberman's adult children, who are quite able-bodied.

What an effing sick pig Lieberman is; I'm sorry, but I don't consider Joe's able-bodied adult children to be off-limits for discussion, especially since they campaigned for him back in 2004.
Joe Lieberman Will win the election!
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