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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Lieberman in 1991: "I'm an Independent"

He has been rejecting the Democratic party label for his entire career. From an article in the New York Times ("Connecticut Senator Blurs the Party Line") on March 18th, 1991:

"Democrats have continued to have this idea that what we have to do is throw money at problems and any help to the private sector is a giveaway to the rich," Mr. Lieberman observed during a chat in his office the other day. "Republicans, on the other hand, have given a message that they don't care much about meeting social needs."

And where does that leave Joe Lieberman?

He reflects only a moment. "I am an amalgam of various opinions," he said. "I'm conservative on foreign policy and the crime thing. If you insist, I reject all labels and say I'm independent." But he will, he says, accept "eclectic."

Colin McEnroe said Chris Dodd would be his guest today. Wondering if he'll ask about Lieberman's plans to go independent. (800)966-9842. 3 to 6 pm.
Come on, thirdparty, you're totally misquoting him in your headline. That's really unprofessional and makes your legitimate points look like lies.

There's a huge difference between him saying "I'm independent" and "I'm an independent." We can debate whether he meant independent of party or independent of ideological labels, but the man said what he said, and by putting something else in quotes, you're making your site look bad.

The title of the post was meant to paraphrase Lieberman's entire response and not to quote him verbatim.

Lieberman's quote in the previous paragraph shows him clearly rejecting both the labels "Democrat" and "Republican."

He then goes on to say "I reject all labels and say I'm independent." That's not just saying he's ideologically independent. That's saying he's independent of party.

No, he didn't renounce his party membership in 1991. But he clearly rejected the Democratic party label.
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