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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Joementum in Waterford Today

John from CT Blue was in Waterford for a private unpublicized meeting with Senator M.I.A., and things seem to have gotten a bit heated. Read the whole thing. He was left shaking his head:

Here's the question: why is Lieberman doing this? What does he expect to gain. He treats his audience with a sort of thinly veiled contempt. He knows that they know that he is bullshitting them, but he also knows he controls the situation, so they can't effectively call him on it. But that's no way to persuade people, it only pisses them off. He persists in maintaining that the only problem is his position on Iraq, which is clearly not the case. But since that's his orthodoxy, he sticks to it. There would clearly be no point in engaging him on other issues, such as his constant appearances on shows like Hannitty and Colmes, during which he denigrates his fellow Democrats. He would simply deny that he does it, and that would be the end of that.

The meeting was opened to the public although not advertised.

Delegates and elected officials from surrounding towns were invited by mail.

Ed and I found out abut the meeting through the blogs and other sources and also attended.
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