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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Sunday Round-Up


That could be the headline to THIS really interesting story;

I just read over at Daily Kos that the Democratic Town Committee for the small Connecticut town of Southbury has pledged all 8 of its delegates to Lamont.

Their stated reason for doing this was that Lamont personally showed up for their Q & A session, while Lieberman ignored their request for such.

Lieberman was in Israel, I think right when the Southbury DTC had wanted to talk to him.

So let me get this right; Lieberman has publically said that he takes the Lamont challenge very seriously, and yet, instead of barnstorming across Connecticut to visit every Democratic Town Committee that he possibly can (like the Southbury DTC) in the few days remaining before the May 20 Connecticut state Democratic convention, Lieberman instead was in Israel??

Is that how Lieberman "takes the Lamont challenge seriously"?

Does that strike anyone else as odd?

Do I have my facts right here?

pls lemme know!
Lieberman's staff must have read you remarks about NOW. They called CT NOW this morining to inform CT NOW's Exec Director that they will respond to the questionnaire. They have had this questionnaire since the end of March and they still haven't completed it.

But I think the fact that they called CT NOW about the questionnaire is further proof that Lieberman is NERVOUS about Lamont.
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