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Sunday, April 09, 2006


WTIC: Joe Considering Jumping Ship

Leading the Fox-61 News at 10 tonight (RealVideo):

LIEBERMAN: "I'm very confident about the primary. But, you know, ultimately I want to give all the voters in the state a chance to say whether they want me to continue to serve Connecticut. If I wanted to run as an Independent, I'd do it today. I'm a Democrat, I want to run as a Democrat."

REPORTER: "So is that, pretty much, as a last resort?"

LIEBERMAN: "Well, call it what you will, but I don't think we're gonna get to that point."

Does that sound like a "very confident" man? Weak and cowardly is more like it. Preparing, like Tom DeLay, to cut and run rather than face his constituents in an election he might lose.

Joe Lieberman's strongest support has always been among those who hate the Democratic party the most. It should come as no surprise that, when the shit finally hit the fan, he would choose to spit in the face of the Democratic party and run to his right-wing base, either as an (I) or an (R).

Joe Lieberman is no Democrat.
Ned Lamont will support the Democratic candidate. Why can't Joe?
Really this makes me so angry! After an entire career within the Democratic party taking all of the resources it has to offer, Lieberman won't abide by its rules and practices if it means he might lose power. This is ridiculous! The party leadership should be telling him to leave now, if he isn't willing to face party members and gain the nomination through a primary.

Why should the party continue to support someone who so clearly considers the party expendable to his own ambitions?
It shouldn't, RCK. Joe Lieberman is a political coward.
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