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Friday, May 12, 2006


Friday Morning Round-Up

I sent a letter to the Hartford Courant and just received a call that it may run Sunday or Monday:


To the Editor:

Jonathan Chait's article "Lieberman Deserves Boot - But He Shouldn't Get It" dismisses any Democrat dissatisfied with Senator Lieberman as a "crazed, ignorant ideological cannibal". I happen to be one of the dissatisfied, and several his adjectives do not apply.

The article carefully skips over Ned Lamont's actual positions, but instead attempts to smear him by association with his more extreme supporters. Yes, ideologues prefer Lamont to Lieberman, but that does not make him "left wing". He is, in fact, the centrist Democrat in this race. Mr. Lieberman now resides to the right of that; the "Fox News Democrat" has constantly undercut his party, and he should be replaced.

I suppose Mr. Chait still thinks Zel Miller is a great Democrat, too.

John Gerbi
New Hartford, CT
Great letter!
I'll echo those sentiments. You've made a more reasoned argument in a few paragraphs than Chait and others of his ilk are capable of. Simply stated, Ned Lamont is the better man.
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