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Friday, May 12, 2006


How To Help

One week from tonight we will know whether Ned Lamont has gathered enough votes at the state convention to qualify for the ballot. Right now, Lieberman is doing everything he can - from spreading distortions and lies to twisting as many delegates' arms as possible - to prevent this from happening. It would truly be a staggering and unexpected victory for a campaign not yet 3 months old to win over 15% of the party insiders largely beholden to Lieberman. Who would have even entertained this as a possibility back in January?

But regardless of the vote next week, this is and will remain a grassroots campaign. It is through building a determined, enthusiastic, widespread grassroots movement that Ned will get on the ballot, win in August, and win in November.

So how can you help right now? Here are two concrete ways:

1) It's at the top of this page, and I've said it before, but I'll repeat myself because it's that important: if you are a registered Democrat in Connecticut, sign up now to gather petition signatures. Already petitioning? Get a friend or two to join in.

There are group petitioning events tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am in Bristol and Wethersfield, and Torrington. On Sunday, there will be one in Danbury. As the official events page wisely notes, "it's raining so everyone will be home waiting for us to knock on their doors!" And on Tuesday, you can turn in your signed petitions and get them notarized at the grand opening of the 1st CD office in West Hartford.

2) If you hang around the blogs, and/or are from out of state, sign up for the brand-new online rapid response team that Tim Tagaris has just set up. Getting the campaign's message out in a timely fashion and responding to the inevitable misinformation and negative attacks coming Ned's way will be key in the weeks and months ahead. While Joe shuns the blogosphere, we will be a crucial ally for Ned's campaign.

Any way you can manage, get involved. Whether that means knocking on doors, donating to the campaign, volunteering your skills and/or time, or spreading the word to family and friends online and offline. We need everyone's help in this effort, which is really just beginning.
That's Wethersfield, even if the weather is on your mind.

Check out the letter in Saturday's Courant.
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