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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Joe to Cut-and-Run?

That's the buzz today.

Update: Meanwhile, the gubernatorial vote is as close as expected, as CT-N is reporting an unofficial final tally of DeStefano 800-Malloy 797, with multiple challenges to the vote. ConnecticutBlog and Connecticut Local Politics are liveblogging from the floor.

The final count after all the challenges is Malloy 799-DeStafano-795. Malloy got exactly half of the vote plus one. Wow.
Whether he goes or not, he has shown his unwillingness to promise to stay, and that is enough to destroy his claims as a 'true Democrat' that he's lately been making and prove him to be a hypocrite.

That he'd put on the guise of Bush-fighting Democrat for a month and then promptly leave the party would be so darn brazen. I mean, I haven't gotten over the whiplash from his latest 180 degree re-branding as a real Democrat. Then he bolts the party right after this?

We have to make serious hay out of this!
Whether Joementum folds or not, the looming nightmare is he's at the top of Bush's shortlist to replace Rumsfeld when he retires at the end of the year.

Lieberman is like a cancer that just won't go away, despite the intensity of treatment.
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