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Friday, May 19, 2006


Some Early Reaction

A great many Republicans don't like Bush's policies - why Democrats would think to run someone who does is beyond me.
Colin McEnroe sends his report:

From one medium-sized town, I heard that Lamont-leaning delegates stayed home rather than face bullying. And several Democratic insiders admitted to me they were voting for Lieberman in the public forum of a convention while fully determined to vote for Lamont in the privacy of a booth.
I think 33 percent is a pretty bad number for an incumbent senator to give up to a challenger nobody ever heard of. Certainly, the Lamont team members were staggering around like dazed lottery winners. "Pinch me," Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan told a comrade.
The real number is lot worse for Lieberman than 33 percent. It's not the true number of convention people who do not support him. And the convention is full of party regulars, usually the easiest people to keep in line. Wisdom of the ages would suggest that the "amateur" voters are potentially much more rebellious.

Just heard the Morning Edition segment about the Lieberman Defeat. They simply described it as a vote on Iraq -- totally swallowing Lieberman's spin with no alternative explanation from the Lamont Campaign.

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