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Friday, May 19, 2006


Ned's On The Ballot!

Now we just have to see what the final vote is!

Updates below (newest on top):

8:33PM: Southbury , whose town chair says, "we asked for a visit from Lieberman in February and we're still waiting for a call back" goes 5-0 to Lamont. My final total for the 5th is 111. For a total of 500. I'll see what other people come up with for an official count.

8:28PM: New Britain 24-7 to Lamont!

8:26PM: On to the small towns of the 5th district: Canton goes 5-0 for Lamont. Cornwall's one unanimous vote for Lamont! Danbury 18-5 Lieberman.

8:20PM: Stamford 37-13 for Lieberman. Trumbull (DiNardo) goes 15-0 for Lieberman. 4th has 107 total for Lamont. My total so far is 389!

8:15PM: 57 votes out of the 3rd CD. Total of 282 so far!

Onto the 4th: Bridgeport goes 55-6 for Lieberman. Big cities are breaking hard for Joe as expected. Darien 5-0 for Lamont. Fairfield "realizing that our country and Sean Hannity's Favorite Democrat is going in the wrong direction" goes 18-6 Lamont. Greenwich, Ned's hometown goes 19-3 for Lamont. Monroe 8-0 Lamont. New Canaan 5-3 Lamont. Norwalk 14-8 Lamont! Oxford 3-0 Lamont!

Ned's running the table in the 4th!
Dare we hope Lamont will be able to double that 15% and make it a 30%?
Nedrenaline running wild.

Joe Lieberman might as well retire now. Does 6 more years of kissing Sean Hannity's ass require him to be in the Senate to do it?
I have Nedrenaline! But I'm in Illinois.

Are we continuing the live blogging of the votes? I know Lamont has his 15%- but it's still fun to see how many votes he can get.

Maybe Lieberman's 30% figure wasn't too far off after all.
Oh, Oh, Look, Look, See Jomentum go, third party. Oh, and Joe, about the door. You know.
For those at home or elsewhere in the country, convention is live on the CT Network - see Live 2 stream.
"My total so far is 389!"

that is 24% already; so much for mar-kos saying that it was more likely that Lamont would NOT even get 15%!
He beat Joe's fake raised expectations! He's over 30%!
He's at 31% now with something like 100 votes to go!!!
I grew up in Stamford - went to the same high school as Lieberman. His dad's package store was on the corner of my street.

After more than a decade in VA, I'm back in Stamford now, and I can just say it's AMAZING that 13 delegates from Joe's hometown jumped ship from him. They didn't even say, "The City of Stamford, proud hometown of Joe Lieberman....!" Ha!
CT Blue has breakdown for 1st and 2nd CD towns. Presumably first number is Lamont.

CT Local Politics reporting that Lamont got 33% unofficially!
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