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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Get CT Dems On The Record

There's been a huge outpouring of disappointment with Sen. Schumer's statement that the DSCC would support Joe Lieberman even if he bolted the party. Right now, all signs are pointing to Joe bolting sometime soon.

It's time to demand that local Democratic officials, candidates, and public servants be honest with their constituents and state clearly for the record whether or not they will support their party in November.

But we need your help.

CTBlogger will be compiling a list of prominent CT Dems and their answers to this simple question: Will you support the Democratic candidate for Senate in November?

Contact your local Democratic officials, state officials, prominent party members, and current candidates for office and let us know what their responses are. You can post it in the comments to this thread or email it to me or CTBlogger, and we will compile the list.

Click "read more" for a starting list of officials and their contact info. Contact your local state senators, state reps, etc. too:

John DeStefano - Governor - candidate

Dan Malloy - Governor - candidate
203-978-9019 dan@danmalloy.com

Kevin Sullivan - Lt. Governor
860-524-7384 ltgovernor.sullivan@ct.gov

Susan Bysiewicz - Secretary of State

Denise Nappier - State Treasurer
800-618-3404 state.treasurer@po.state.ct.us

Nancy Wyman - State Comptroller
860-702-3300 comptroller.wyman@po.state.ct.us

Dick Blumenthal - Attorney General
860-808-5318 attorney.general@po.state.ct.us

Christopher J. Dodd - Senator

John B. Larson - Congress

Joe Courtney - Congress - candidate

Rosa L. DeLauro - Congress

Diane G. Farrell - Congress - candidate

Chris Murphy - Congress - candidate
860-223-5522 campaign@murphyforcongress.org

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