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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Rasmussen: Lieberman 46%, Lamont 40%

Political Wire has the scoop.

Update: Kos has more:

Rasmussen. 6/12. MoE 7(!) (4/27 results)

Lieberman 46 (51)
Lamont 40 (31)

Sign the letter demanding that Sen. Lieberman abide by the results of the primary and support the Democratic candidate in November.
I'd love to see a poll on the three-way race now. At this rate, even if Joe did run as an independent, I don't think it's clear that he'd win.
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Wave buh bye, Joementum. Time to rent the Ryder truck cuz you're going home! :-)
A 3-way poll is meaningless at this point. There's really no way of knowing how the voters, especially Democrats, will react to Lieberman cutting-and-running to go indy. Such a move looks incredibly weak so it's hard to see how Joe Lieberman could pull that off.
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