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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Schumer To CT Dems: "DROP DEAD"

Giving a big middle finger to Connecticut Democrats, Chuck Schumer said today that the DSCC would not necessarily support the Democratic candidate for Senate in November.

The DSCC is now officially just an incumbent protection racket. It has nothing to do with any party.

I don't think Chuck really understands what he would be getting himself and the party into if he were to follow through with this.
Schumer, what don't you understand about this. Democrats in Ct. have every right in the world to nominate someone other than Joe Lieberman. That is their right. As the person in charge of the DSCC it's none of your business until they have made their decision and it's their decision. Your responsiblity is to help Ct. DEMOCRATS elect the candidate of their choice.

I know that Joe can be a real cry baby, his pique over not being coronated in 2004 was one of the more emetic political scenes of that year, but it would have been much better to say nothing than what you did.
Schumer wants war, give it to him!
Put up A Bat for Lamont! Let's go full steam ahead!
I haven't been this mad in a while, this is really disappointing.
Ya know, if Joe loses, it leaves him wide open to be appointed to something by Bush. Maybe he'll be the new Secretary of Defense. I'm assuming Bush would want to keep the ethnic quotas the same.
If Joe decides to run as an independent and the DSCC refuses to support Ned, I propose an injunction or perhaps a suit to requiring them to refund donations made by Connecticut Democrats.
My morning post:


Dear Senator Schumer,

I see that you have made statements in support of Joe Lieberman, going so far as to hint that the DSCC might support him in an independent bid in opposition to a Democratic candidate who wins the nomination in Connecticut. To use a formerly amusing signature line, What were you thinking?

A Democratic Senator in charge of the Campaign Committee has no business threatening the Democratic voters of any state over who they might give THEIR nomination to. No matter how long he has been in the Senate, Joe Lieberman doesn't own the seat, the voters of his state do. And no matter what his status in the party he doesn't own the nomination, the Democratic voters of his state do. I don't know why you said what you did but consider these simple truths to be a refresher in Democratic Civics, section 101. Dictates from above are just too, too Republican.

You have 24 hours to fix the damage your statement has done, 48 at most. It was a pretty bad screw up so I'd suggest strong remedies. Nothing short of an apology to the Democrats of Connecticut and a reaffirmation that their voice is the voice of God to the leaders of the party will get it done.

You could make yourself famous by taking these long lost truths back into currency if you start now. Look on this as a golden opportunity, it well could be. That would do much more for your reputation than upholding the silly pose of Senate comity that makes most of the nation retch.

Until the nomination is set, I would suggest that you steer clear of these kinds of things from now on. Certainly keep quiet about them in public. And it would be a good idea to tell your staff to shut up too. Loose lips sink ships.

yours in hope of Democratic victory,

The CT Dem Party would have to officially endorse Lieberman's indie run for the DSCC to be able to financially support him, putting them in awkward spot also.
Up in Vermont, as Kos points out, we've got a DSCC-backed Independent running for Senator: Bernie Sanders. Except this guy has never belonged to a party, there is no Dem running (Bernie's too popular), and as Scarce indicates, the VT State Dem Party has endorsed him. I'd love to see Lamont get a Sanders endorsement as a raspberry to the DSCC.

It wouldn't hurt if he could also get backing from our other Independent, retiring Senator Jim Jeffords -- a former Republican. He's a guy who might just endorse Lieberman, and to head off that kind of cover for an independent bid would be great, besides sending the message that Lamont has strong support from Independents and Democrats. (Which might give Lieberman real uncertainty about his best course!)
Tim Wolf, Vermont is sui generis. I love Bernie Sanders but his case is unique.
I just sent the following email to Senator Schumer:

"Never have I ever felt more ashamed of my country than now. Not just because President Bush decides he can ignore whatever law he chooses, or his other numerous egregious acts of undermining our Constitution; it is because of you, Senator Schumer! Yes, George Bush may be the worst President we have ever had, but you Senator Schumer will be considered the worst Democrat leader we have ever had should you continue to undermine the CT electoral process!

Are we not a democracy that allows voters to choose their government? Unfortunately, we are a two-party system, and your recent refusal to support Ned Lamont should he win the CT primaries makes both of these parties indistinguishable.

Senator Lieberman didn’t earn the reputation of being “Bush’s favorite Democrat” by standing with our party, and you know it! But, for some reason, you act of if the CT voters should be more loyal to your “old boys club” than to our progressive values.

SHAME ON YOU for not trusting democracy and allowing the people in CT to decide who they want as their next Democratic Senator!

SHAME ON THE DSCC for doing exactly what they denounce the Republican Party of doing, undermining our Constitutional right to allow our vote to count! Either we are a party that believes in the core principals of democracy or we’re not!

On August 8th, the Democrats will make their decision in CT of either electing Joe Lieberman or Ned Lamont. This should be the people’s choice of CT, not yours! They should have the confidence of knowing their vote will be counted and supported by their party leaders. It shames me to think they won’t."
OK, a fair point. So how about this: if Lieberman goes indy, what's Chris Dodd to do?

If he's serious about a presidential bid -- and he seems to think he is -- he's got to see that he's DOA if he doesn't support (or even works against) the Democratic candidate in his home state. Yes?

Hopefully, he'll sense which way the wind is blowing and get behind Lamont, since the star power of a newly elected base-popular Senator will be far more helpful in the '08 primaries than -- cough, cough -- Joe Lieberman ever could be.
thats a very good point you make about Bush's arrogance and Schumer's arrogance. It would hurt the Democrats nationwide if the DSCC continues to support Lieberman even if he is not the Democratic candidate. There are many of us tottering on the fence about playing the game their way already, i.e., that we have to vote for Democrats in order to oppose Bush. If the DSCC shows that kind of contempt for opponents of the Iraq War, we might as well have the Republicans stay in power.
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