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Monday, June 12, 2006


Lieberman Logic

If you are the only candidate in the Democratic primary who has agreed to stay in the Democratic party and support the Democratic candidate in November, that means you are actually a Republican:

"If Joe Lieberman is considering abandoning the Democratic party, the people have a right to know it," said Tom Swan, Lamont's campaign manager. "Ned is agreeing to abide by the process and respect the choice of the people. Will Joe?"

Meanwhile, [Lieberman spokeswoman Marion] Steinfels tried to portray Lamont as leaning to the right, accusing him of voting with Republicans most of the time he served on the Greenwich Board of Selectmen.

"We feel Washington already has enough Republicans like Ned," she said.


Update: It's the Marion Steinfels-Sean Smith Comedy Hour!

Smith said Lieberman would not promise to support Lamont, because the businessman voted frequently with Republicans as a local official in Greenwich.

"The only public record this guy has, he voted time and again like a Republican," Smith said. "Why would we support that?"

I admit to feeling some sympathy for Marion. She followed Joe around in 2004 in his ill-fated adventure to become President as an assistant. Now she has the top job as spokeperson as she's saddled herself with this campaign. It'd be enough to drive anyone over the edge and begin spouting gibberish.

Oh well..she let her ambition cloud her judgment by taking this career-ender of a job.
"Wow" is right. That's pure comedy.

Marion Steinfels is hilarious.

Does Marion Steinfels write skits for Saturday Night Live? Sure sounds like it from her response.
Poor Marion. She's got one of those unenviable jobs that looked good at first, but in reality it was already on the skids.

Kind of like the guy who replaced the original bass player in "Foghat"; well after the album with "Slow Ride" on it!

I'm sure after the primary there will be plenty of career opportunities for her in the fast-food or housekeeping sectors.
PLEASE tell me that Lamont is not going to take that crap and throw some of Republican Bootlicking Joe's votes back in his face.
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