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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Tuesday Evening Round-Up

Marcy Winograd will not win, but she might eke out 40%. As a contributor to her campaign and someone who drives through the district every day and saw the real presence she has had, it's sad to acknowledge she won't win. But it sure seems respectable showing to me when you look at the challenges she faced.

She was building off of a very small base compared to Ned. And her campaign was a mere 3 months long, while Ned's going to have about 7 months of campaigning before the Dem primary. Marcy got herself out there and got great endorsements, but had a total campaign budget of less than $200K. Ned will never have that issue.
My main argument is that Joe has bad political instincts, which if listened to, doom the Democrats to miniority party status indefinately.

Ned seems to say smart things all the time like on gay marriage. Short and a good frame of the issue.
His line on gay marriage is probably his best distillation any issue. Compare to Joe's positions which usually boil down to "I support the Republican policy, BUT I'm actually a Democrat because of A, B, and C."

It's amazing how far speaking clearly can take a politician. That's one reason why Bill Hillsman's approach is such a great match for Ned.
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