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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Tester Wins MT-SEN Primary

An absolutely huge win in Montana tonight for a real populist Democrat taking on a corporatist "centrist" Dem in senate primary. As Markos points out, a senate class of 2007 featuring Jon Tester, Bernie Sanders, and Ned Lamont is sounding very sweet... and more and more likely.

David Sirota has more.

Update: Tester ended up winning by an astounding 60-35 margin. This from a candidate who was outspent 2-1.

It actually ended up being almost exactly the same margin as the race in CA-36, where longshot challenger Marcy Winograd ended up losing to Rep. Jane Harman by a very respectable 62-38. Lamont is a much more serious candidate than Winograd, and is running against a much more vulnerable incumbent, in a much friendlier district, and with much more support.
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