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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Thursday Morning Round-Up

Keeping Joseph Lieberman in the United States Senate is clearly in the national interest. One of the most ethical, sincere, thoughtful and balanced of senators, he stands as a monument to nonpartisan common sense in an increasingly shrill and polarized partisan environment. - Dick Morris

except that now joe has resorted to the worst of the worst deceptive and unethical campaign techniques, push polling, where political attacks are deceptively delivered with the veneer of a supposedly objective polling process -
Another link to report push-polling to local media: http://www.nbc30.com/contactus/index.html
Dick Morris today says:

By insisting on running in Connecticut’s Democratic primary against anti-war candidate Ned Lamont, [Lieberman] is in a fight he won’t win and, in the process, destroying his chances in the general election, which he can win.

If Lieberman simply skips the primary and runs as an independent, forcing a three-way race, he will win overwhelmingly. The larger Connecticut electorate adores him and will happily desert either party to vote for his reelection.

But as Matt Stoller of myDD points out, Dick Morris had quite a different opinion about Lieberman's primary chances back in March:


Dick Morris said the following in March: "[Lamont] need not be taken very seriously. Lieberman is not vulnerable and a primary will only make him that much stronger (assuming Ned even gets on the ballot)."

the moral of the story here is that Morris' idea that joe will win overwhelmingly as an independent is as worthless as Morris' idea back in March that the primary will make joe that much stronger.
There's another debate watching party in Glastonbury.
Also Branford.
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