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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Time's Up

It has now been two weeks since the convention. It is two months until the primary. It is time for some honesty from Joe Lieberman.

As CTBlogger says, it's time for Joe to fully and clearly address the question he's been evading since the day Ned Lamont entered this race:

Will you support the winner of the Democratic primary? Or will you run as an independent?

If Lieberman leaves the party, he will likely do so soon. He will do so because he is scared to death of Ned Lamont and the progressive movement he has inspired. He will cause great damage to his state and national party, as well as to Democratic candidates like Dianne Farrell, Joe Courtney, and Chris Murphy. He will deserve zero support from the DNC, the DSCC, and prominent Democratic donors. And he will become persona non grata with his peers in the senate who have stood up for him only to see him betray them, cutting-and-running like a coward from a little primary challenge.

If Lieberman leaves the party, it will be Joe - as usual - selfishly putting his own career over the needs of his constituents, the health of his party, and, really, the democratic process itself.

Sign the letter asking Joe to pledge to remain a Democrat.
Am I the only one who got the irony of someone posting as "thirdparty" demanding that Joe Lieberman not run as an independent?

Speaking of third parties, Joe Lieberman would be vice president right now if it weren't for one particular third party presidential candidate.
I like how you defended lieberman's record there by making fun of someone's handle.

You have nothing.

Police take notice.
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