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Friday, July 21, 2006


Bill Kristol Donates to Lieberman Campaign

According to the Stamford Advocate, 82% of Joe Lieberman's second quarter campaign contributions came from out-of-state. Those out-of-state contributions include $500 from neoconservative luminary Bill Kristol, as well as even larger amounts from pharmaceutical industry and energy industry interests:

The Lamont campaign has accused Lieberman of being too closely allied with Republicans. One name that appears on Lieberman's donor list is neo-conservative William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, who donated $500....

Contributions of $2,100 came from Karen Katen, director of government relations for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Inc....

Paul Koonce, chief executive officer of Dominion electric and gas, gave Lieberman $2,000. A PAC that includes nuclear plant builder Areva Cogema donated $1,000.

Kristol has recently called for American military action against Iran, arguing that Iranians would embrace regime change.

Even more interestingly, this is apparently the first significant contribution Bill Kristol has made to a political candidate - Republican or Democrat - since 1998. So over the last decade, of all the neoconservative candidates to whom Kristol could have contributed, Joe Lieberman has proved most worthy of his financial support. Telling.

Lieberman's full FEC second quarter report is available as a PDF here.
What I don't get is why Joe is letting so many visible Republican crazies support him when he knows that that will drive independents and dems away.

Its like he is trying to commit suicide.
So you bring Clinton in to rally your base of Republicans? I don't get this strategy at all
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