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Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Lieberman wants people to think he's Clinton. It's really the only card he has left to play. He is doing everything he can to avoid discussing Iraq, the most important issue to Democrats around the country. Wouldn't want to discuss the issues that matter to voters.

But Clinton - unlike Lieberman - says he will support the primary winner. He knows the importance of Democrats uniting after the primary.

Has he urged Joe to do the same as a condition for the appearance, robo-calls, ads, massages, or any other perks the senator might be getting from him?

Update: A commenter at FDL has a transcript of the call. Apparently pretty poorly done, with amateurish editing.
Utterly unbelievable. If Clinton were running in this race, I might vote for him....

Nah - I like Ned better :^)
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