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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Lieberman MIA For Our Troops

This amazing letter to the Town Times from a soldier with the Connecticut National Guard in Afghanistan got lost in the shuffle a few days ago and deserves more attention (it was published on June 30th). As the official blog notes, this letter was not sent to the campaign, but rather found in the local paper serving the small towns of Durham, Middlefield, and Rockfall in central Connecticut.

What follows is a first-hand depiction of Sen. Lieberman's idea of "constituent services" when the constituent in question is serving our country in a war zone without the proper equipment:

I am a registered Democrat and a soldier currently serving in Afghanistan with the 1-102 Infantry Battalion of the Connecticut National Guard. Last week I received some newspaper clippings in the mail that sparked my interest: Senator Joseph I. Lieberman has been successfully challenged and forced into a primary that will take place in August.

As some readers may have heard, in January my battalion was issued substandard equipment for our deployment to Afghanistan. Originally, we were issued M-16s rather than M-4 carbines, rifles with shorter barrels and collapsible butt stocks. As a politcally active member of the battalion, I began to get in touch with Representative DeLauro and Representative Simmons, who both responded quickly and enthusiastically. Senator Dodd also responded quickly and gave me prompts on how to further validate my request for weapons.

However, I did not receive a response from Senator Lieberman’s office. I continued to leave messages for both him and his military aide, now senior counselor, Fred Downey, who reprsented Sen. Lieberman at the Battalion’s send off ceremony on Jan. 4. After several messages, I finally received a return phone call. However, I was not met with the same enthusiams expressed by other legislators; I was immediately confronted with an inquisition that seemed to have the purpose of dispelling the belief that the battalion was ill equipped. Rather than listen to our specific concerns, the “benefits” of the M16 were highlighted and teh advantages of the M4 were downplayed.

Lieberman’s office left the impression that they believed we had the equipment we needed, despite the contrasting beliefs of soldiers in my battalion, some who have been on as many as five deployments. The others in Washington were not so quick to abandon us…

Lieberman has never hesitated to voice his support for the war, and recently voted against pulling troops out of Iraq, so where was he when over 500 of his own constituents were being sent overseas to fight on behalf of his great country? It appears the senator was so concerned with climbing the political ladder, he forget what his job is really about: the people…

When my absentee ballot returns to the States next month, Lamont’s name, not Lieberman’s, will bear the check. when August 8 arrives, will you stand for the hypocrisy?


Colin D. Halloran

The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of the 1-102 Infantry Battalion, CTARNG, the Department of the Army or the members thereof.

This is just unbelievable.

My "hypocrisy meter" has just burned out.
Colin D. Halloran, Thank You for your service and bravery on and off the battlefield. I am comforted by the knowledge that there are men like you in defense of our nation and you take to task the real threat to our Democracy, the criminals in Washington D.C. Well done Sir.
If anyone wants to see the original letter it's available here:

I too admire Colin Halloran's sacrifices, but would like to question one of his sentences.

He said he was fighting "on behalf of his (Joe Lieberman's) great country." This sentence appears to be sarcastic, as if mocking "Liebermans's country."

This isn't Joe Liebeman's country, it belongs to all of us, and we are all responsible for defending and serving it, as Halloran (and to a lesser degree public servants like Joe Lieberman) do.
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