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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Greenwich Republicans: "Ned's Not One Of Us"

The Courant digs up some Greenwich officials from the early 90s, and finds Lieberman's charges - repeated in the debate - to be baseless and completely ridiculous:

"Most of the stuff we dealt with was the mundane stuff - parking signs, roads," said Republican John B. Margenot, who served as first selectman when Lamont was on the board. "There were no Democratic principles involved or Republican principles. I think it's kind of spurious that Lieberman raises the issue. It's a non-issue."

When asked if he viewed Lamont as a Republican, Margenot replied, "No, I wouldn't think that at all. He was more like a liberal Democrat."

Despite being labeled a "Greenwich millionaire" by Lieberman, Lamont is not known for flashing his wealth, does not live in one of the biggest houses in town and is known simply as just another neighbor in Greenwich, Republicans said....

"It's about running the town of Greenwich," [Greenwich Republican Sam] Romeo said Friday. "Greenwich is in its own world down here in the way we run things. It has nothing to do with politics, really."

Republican Chris Antonik, a former elected member of the town's representative town meeting and a current member of the Republican town committee, said, "Ned was a Democrat. I never even recall him acting like a Republican. He's not a Republican."

If Lieberman's going to be true to form and follow the rest of Bush's campaign tactics, we will soon have some Greenwhich people saying, "Ned Lamont shot me hunting while for grouse, and then joked that he 'thought I was an Iraqi.' Ned's a republican, through-and-through."

A few days, later, it will turn out that the person from Greenwich is actually from Danbury, and that they have a history of making stuff up, and that work for Joe Lieberman, and that they've never met Ned. But it won't matter. Joe will continue to allude to the story through his campaign stops.
And of course the press has never really bothered to check on Lieberman's assertions, merely providing stenography for him. Why do they do that, or not do their job, as it were? Time and money, yes, but also sheer laziness. Politicians know they can get away with murder these days. The Bush administration pushing the envelope beyond all previous levels of course.
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