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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Debate Forthcoming: Submit your Question(s)

The debate is just around the corner, airing on NBC30 at 7:00pm EST (possibly also on CT-N and C-SPAN). While T.Party has already mentioned that NBC30 is accepting viewer-submitted questions in a previous round-up, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the questions proposed by commenters at My Left Nutmeg:

"[Senator Lieberman] when did you realize that you couldn't possibly win a primary where only Democrats are allowed to vote?"

"Senator Lieberman, could you please explain how, as Democrat and an American, you believe that President Bill Clinton was more worthy of censure in the Senate than George W. Bush?

How do you prefer Connecticut residents pay for the Iraq war - a tax increase, continued deficit spending, or are there specific Connecticut programs you wish to sacrifice?

To Lieberman -- If the Iraq War and Occupation are so critical , then why haven't you encouraged you kids to enlist in the Army or Marines and be sent to fight in Iraq? Why should other people and other people's kids be sacrificed in that hellhole you helped create when you won't sacrifice your own children?

To Lamont -- Assuming you win the US Senate Primary and General Election, what senate committees would you seek to join?
Which senator would you like to be your mentor in the senate?

Senator Lieberman, boxers or briefs?

If you've got a question for the candidates, make sure you submit it soon.

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Those are good questions especially about his kids enlisting. Every time a politician has a son/daughter in the military, they make sure to rub our noses in it. (Biden, Kit Bond, Duncan Hunter)
I submitted the following:

Mr. Lieberman, you have said that many Democrats lack "traditional values". Could you please elaborate further on the values you feel Democrats lack.
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