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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Joe Votes For OFTA

That's the under-the-radar Oman Free Trade Agreement, which Sen. Lieberman voted to approve tonight (hat tip Joementum.com). Workers rights? Human rights? Environmental concerns? Who cares! (Well, Sen. Dodd did, for one.)

David Sirota has more:

More than 400 labor, environmental and human rights groups wrote to Congress asking it not to sellout and instead reject this disastrous accord. The concerns about this pact - which has virtually no labor, human rights, environmental or workplace protections - are many.

Ned Lamont's position on trade:

I support strictly-enforced fair trade policies which level the playing field.... I would support only reciprocal trade agreements which include strong labor and environmental standards.

I also point out that Ned's position is the same as the Kerry campaign and the 2004 Democratic Party platform. Joe - who's the real Democrat?
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