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Friday, June 30, 2006


Steinfels: Joe has Issues

In the Litchfield County Times this afternoon, I stumbled across this line featuring my favorite camera blocker, Marion Steinfels:
Ms. Steinfels said that "the Lieberman campaign is critical of some of the items that appear on the campaign blogs."
She said that the senator has not established a blog from his campaign Web site and instead has concentrated on providing issues positions at the site where voters can learn more about his positions.
I wonder what kinds of blog postings might the Lieberman campaign have reason to be critical of. Maybe the one where I wrote about the time Joe sat down with me at a diner? Or the one where my friend Bob tried to help Joe Lieberman implement his suggestions for rape victims? It could have been the time my pal CTBlogger learned that Joe wasn't ruling out an independent run, and the local Fox affiliate began that evening's broadcast with "A Democratic Senator since 1989, Joe Lieberman ponders jumping ship."

As for the Joe2006.com website being chock-full of issues positions--Joe seems to be missing a few. Steinfels would know that if she spent less time acting kooky and more time reading the blogs.

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