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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Joe Liebereagan

You really can't make this stuff up (via an interview on WTIC mp3, hat tip mikect):

Ray: Then there was the "there you go again".

Joe: Yeah.

Ray: Well, OK.

Joe: Picking out the the oldies but goodies.

Ray: Well, of course, you know, the Washington Post or maybe it was one of the morons on the blogosphere, whatever, but they were talking about - they're not morons - but they were talking about, yeah, you see, see there you are, now you're actually turning into Ronald Reagan.

Joe: Well, he was a great President in many ways.

Listen carefully to the audio. After Ray says "some of the morons on the blogosphere...well, they're not morons", you can here Joe say "some of them are!" in the background.
Joe doesn't get interviewed on Ray Dunaway's show so much as he shows up every 10 days or so in order to have Ray kiss his ass and tell him how wonderful he is...
Joe: Well, he was a great President in many ways.

this is yet more proof that joe has already given up trying to win over the primary-voting Democrats, and is now actively campaigning instead for the November general race as an indie, and is trying to appeal to CT's repubs -
He's playing to the only base he has--the leftover Reagan Democrats.
Why doesn't Joemoron just become a Republican? That's who he is and what his values represent.
He is channelling Reagan also in those ridiculous bear ads. Remember Reagan's bear (ie. Soviet Union) ads in the '84 campaign?
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