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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Joe Ready to Get Ugly

Kevin Rennie tells Hotline on Call that Lieberman did some extensive polling on negative messaging before deciding to jump (probably these calls people were receiving from "Mountain West Research" last week). And after looking at the results, he is apparently getting ready to unleash some pretty desperate negative ads:

According to Rennie, "Lieberman asked voters how they would react to his seeking a spot on the ballot if he loses the August 8th Democratic primary. He also tested some themes, his campaign confirmed, [aimed] at kicking the stuffing out of Lamont. Lieberman, who has been looking smaller and smaller in this race, is apparently hoping to score points with an inventory of millionaire Lamont’s motor vehicles. He asked voters if they would be less likely to vote for Lamont if they knew he started driving a hybrid vehicle when he decided to run for the Senate."

Wonder if these new highly relevant issues of Joe's will be on display at the debate tomorrow night.

And as Tim notes, it may not be the best idea for Joe to piss off people who write articles in newspapers. Or to lie to some of them while telling others the truth.
Joe already is kind of ugly.

I'm not above cheapshots, which puts me in the company of three-term Senators I suppose.
Clever the way Lamont has turned this race into one in which Lieberman's character, not just his ideas, is a big issue. Those of us who have watched Lieberman since he betrayed his friend Bill Clinton when he was down, when he kept his 2000 Senate campaign alive, etc. have long known Joe have a character that is defective.
It wasn't so much that Lamont turned this race into a referendum on Lieberman's character, Lieberman unintentionally had a lot to do with it.

It's really amazing that Lamont, the challenger, is acting like the experienced incumbant and Lieberman the reckless challenger. Usually the challenger is the one threatening to play spoiler by threatening an Indy run but it's our incumbant who is.

I think that Lieberman makes a good case for term limits. He is so out of touch with reality and his base.
VOTERS MUST learn about Joes voting record. Is there a web page for that?

Joe voted for all of Bush tax cuts for the rich, then tax cuts for oil companies, the Iraq invasion and war.

Joe introduced legislation that greatly benefitted Enron.

No more corporate shills in Washington in either party.
African-American Political Pundit says: “Let’s be clear on Mr. Joe Lieberman. Many in the African-American community, like the larger community, feel he has walked like a Republican, talked like a Republican, acted like a Republican, and has voted like a Republican on many key issues, including his continued support of Bush policies in Iraq. The reality is this U.S. Senator is a Republican - I’m surpised he didnot run as one”.

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